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Corruption in the Workplace
10/02/2014, 22:15

I work in a pretty small department, and as such it can sometimes be difficult booking leave if other people have got in first. Such an occasion arose on Friday when I noticed leave for Friday 28th was at the max, so I set in motion a plan and executed it last night.

My workflow manager (bless her) has a major, MAJOR weakness for all things sugary, so last night I baked 14 (2 were for quality control purposes and my old man ate both and gave them 100% LOL) perfect cupcakes (his words, not mine), with vanilla sponge and lemon buttercream, all lovingly topped with crunchy golden honeycomb balls (but not the awful ones that leave the unfortunate recipient of said cake needing major dental work.)

Conversation this morning:

Me: K, I was wondering if would be possible for me to have leave on the afternoon of 28th?

K: (clicky-clicky) Oh, Smash, it's fully booked.

Me (whilst slowly removing 6 cupcakes in presentation box - 69p from Home and Bargain - from a carrier bag): I know... but I was wondering if there was any possibility I could have it...(box now fully out of bag and in K's view) as a favour?

K (practically salivating and not even registering that I'm stood there anymore): Oh, go on then, I'll book it in for you just this once.

Me (placing box of cakes on the desk): Thanks!

I then wandered off before she could change her mind and left the other 6 cakes in the area where we all bring in items of food for the office to munch on. (In fairness, K only had one cupcake and put the rest in The Trough, as we call it, but I think she would have eaten all six if people hadn't noticed.)

I know, I'm a complete slag and will prostitute myself shamelessly for time off.

But I don't care.