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You're Allowed
25/06/2016, 23:59

When you're 38 years old and a stupidly tall, tattoed biker who can be badass and brash, you can still tell your nearly 70 year old parents that you love them.

Riding off to do that test you could be back on your pedal bike with stabilisers, dad keeping you safe and running alongside while mum has the plasters for scraped knees and hugs for bruised egos, except that this bike has an engine and can top 100 mph in mere seconds.

They still do that through your teens and twenties and thirties and beyond if you're lucky enough to still have them there.

She's your mum and he's your dad. The bike, the tattoos, the leather, the beard and the heavy metal are just a choice and not the person.

Underneath, that love burns fierce and as strong as ever. Tell them.

Ma and pa, I love you.