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24/02/2014, 21:58

I think I've just made the life of two parents a nightmare for oh... at least the next couple of weeks.

I took my bike (big old Yamaha) for a ride earlier just because I felt like it and stopped off at the shop across the street for a bottle of water. As I was getting ready to go, a kid comes running over and yells "Mummy! Momo bike!" and starts pointing excitedly.

I let him have a look and he touched the handlebars in awe and to be fair, his Mum didn't give me daggers like us bikers get from some people and we exchanged smiles at the kid's excited whoops of joy.

As he walked away he was all "Mummy I SOOOO want one of those. Can I have one for my birthday? Or Christmas? PLEASE?"

Oops. I guess it's the male equivalent of girls badgering their parents for a horse.

Bikes are way cooler, though.